Mortgage Negotiations

Long Island Loan Modifications

Phone calls with lenders and loan servicers can be difficult to downright unpleasant. What can you say when you simply can’t meet your mortgage obligations at this time? Even though you may feel like you’re facing a brick wall, you can trust Foreclosure Helpline to help you navigate this challenging time. We offer affordable Long Island foreclosure assistance and mortgage negotiations services. We know how to talk to lenders—and we know about the various options you have to stop foreclosure and save your Long Island property.

Foreclosure Helpline has assisted thousands of people throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County. With professional Long Island loan modifications, we can help you lower your payment or help you secure a mortgage bailout that puts a stop to the foreclosure process. You may be eligible for foreclosure assistance programs or we can help you find the ideal solution that best suits your circumstances.

We know that there aren’t cookie cutter solutions. We’ll examine the unique features of your situation in order to find the right foreclosure help for you. Our real estate financial professionals are highly trained and have years of experience helping property owners just like you who are struggling with a hardship and trying to cope with the threat of foreclosure.

Call Foreclosure Helpline to discuss your situation. We’ll help you determine if Long Island loan modifications can help you stop foreclosure. We can guide you through all the options, explaining them each in plain English. We can also negotiate with your lender on your behalf in order to work out the best deal for your situation. Loan modifications can be the key to stopping a pending foreclosure. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can work to save your property.

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