Suffolk County Foreclosure Help

If you’re currently facing the threat of foreclosure on your Long Island home or condominium, you can rely on Foreclosure Helpline for Suffolk County Foreclosure help. The foreclosure process can be confusing and stressful. Many people don’t realize that they have both legal rights and options during this challenging time. We understand the foreclosure process in New York backwards and forwards. We also know that there are many possible solutions that can help our clients avoid foreclosure.

With our Suffolk County foreclosure help, clients can make informed decisions about how to best proceed. Although the foreclosure process in New York can take roughly 445 days, the sooner you contact Foreclosure Helpline, the sooner we can discuss your options. If you’ve been receiving notices and legal documents from your lender, you may have many questions about them. Our real estate financial experts deal with these types of correspondence on a routine basis. We can help you understand where you stand in the foreclosure process and how you can best navigate this situation.

Often, clients come to Foreclosure Helpline for Suffolk County foreclosure help because they want to save their homes. Job loss, lost wages because of an illness or injury, or a major life change such as a divorce can often precipitate a foreclosure situation, but there are hardship programs available and your lender may be willing to modify the terms of your mortgage.

On the other hand, some clients can no longer pay their mortgage and would prefer to get out of their home but without the stigma of foreclosure. Again, there are options such as short sales. Contact Foreclosure Helpline for our professional Long Island foreclosure assistance. We’re here to help you navigate this challenging situation.

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